Shoot first then we will do the design. Atrocious

In the pre-Digital era, Art Directors, Designers, etc had to get their act together before they decided to shoot.

The correct procedure for producing any media--ad, banner, brochure, catalogue,etc should be as follows: brief from client to agency, production of layout/dummy, approval of layout/dummy by the client, choice of photographer, brief to photographer, approval of photography charges and missc by the client, shoot done by photographer based on layout provided, processing of images, production of art-works, and printing.

We have clients today who want me to shoot ASAP. When I ask for the layout or dummy, the answer I get, "Shoot first then we will do the design". Then I try to control myself and attempt to educate them on the need to get a design done first. "No. We have a designer and he asked us to shoot first and give him the images. He/she will do the designing later". This is atrocious to say the least. At times I suggest to them that they should immediately sack their "so called designer"

I as a photographer need to know the layout. Are the images of mixed formats? Are they horizontal, vertical, square or an odd size? What background is required?

If I shoot a vertical image on a black background the client may want a horizontal image on a white background. Hey presto! Bring out the magic tool---Photoshop. The cure for every ill (almost every ill) in this business.

It is important to get a design done first and then shoot. Just as Interior designer would first make a blue print for approval by the client, just as Fashion designer would first get an approval on a sketch and make a pattern before cutting the cloth, in Photography too it is important that a design is made and approved by all concerned, before commencement of the shoot.

So please remember the importance of the layout/design before you invest money in your shoot.