Tighten work permit rules

This is a letter I had written to Mid-day, Mumbai appeared in the 2nd April 2010 edition


Tighten work permit rules

A FEW days ago, the MNS disrupted a film shoot claiming that the foreigners had no work permits. I totally disagree with their method of protest. However, it is high time the government takes a strong stand and ensures that no foreigners work here without a valid work permit and other necessary documents.

I am a freelance photographer, and there are many photographers and those in professions such as acting and modelling, who are being deprived of assignments that we, as citizens of the country, should be doing. The foreigners land here, open a restaurant in Goa or pick up assignments as photographers or become models.

In other countries, they are strict about the people getting a work permit and also stipulate the number of hours that person can work. Lets protect our jobs, but only by legal means. The government should prosecute any company or individual employing a foreigner who does not hold a work permit.